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AutorThema: Identitäts-Glaubenssätze
Claus David Beitrag vom 02-01-02 19:24     Profil einsehen von Claus David.   E-Mail senden an Claus David.  
Globale Sätze zum Selbst-Modell können erhebliche Power haben.

Wie Optimist/Pessimist.

"Ich bin, wie ich bin!" bedingt andere Einstellungen und Verhalten als "Was ich auch tue, es ist falsch!"
Selbstakzeptanz vs. Selbstzermürbung.

Was gibt es noch für derart powervolle globale Selbst-Sätze, positive?

Claus David Grube

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Claus David Beitrag vom 08-01-02 18:06     Profil einsehen von Claus David.   E-Mail senden an Claus David.  
hi ray,


"I am enough, do enough, have enough", OK.

What is the difference between affirmation and identity-belief? Does affirmating change a belief? I have my doubts and don't want to add a trance on a trance, positive or else.

But "I am, do, have ALL" is reality, isn't it? And letztendlich neither trance nor belief nor affirmation, or?

ray wilkins Beitrag vom 08-01-02 18:33     Profil einsehen von ray wilkins.   E-Mail senden an ray wilkins.  
hmmm very interesting
lets try it this way
1. identity belief - tending towards negativity,believing in statements that come externally "you are not good enough!" "you are lazy1" you are just arrogant!" etc
2 belief conditioning - a few failures, a few difficult relationship here a symptom there a symptom and abracadabra i am what these people say i am.
3.belief doubt - i now question this conditioning! and have decided to search for answers.
4.change belief - if i question my negativity then i leave room for more selfgrowth, by bombarding myself with self formulated affirmations i am stirring up old memories and old wounds that want to come up to get healed then i can work with these old externally generated beliefs release them and assimilate the new internally generated belief under the motto love brings everything up that is not love.another word for this is selfesteem or self love and i believe that these words can change negative identity beliefs

AutorThema: Identitäts-Glaubenssätze

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