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AutorThema: perversion in der kriche
szabo Beitrag vom 05-10-03 17:30     Profil einsehen von szabo.   E-Mail senden an szabo.  
It is again evident that christs have an erroneus belief. they claim they are separated from god while actually they are god, the true self. this is shizophrenic. no wonder that especially christian countries gain immense assault of that disease. no other cultures suffer of that.

second point: christ admires a highly pervert picture of a tortured man. this is extremely sick.
Paul Baumann Beitrag vom 05-10-03 19:33     Profil einsehen von Paul Baumann.   E-Mail senden an Paul Baumann.  
Hi Szabo!

It's interresting what you have to say, but maybe it's the wrong place here.

Be blessed,

szabo Beitrag vom 07-10-03 17:58     Profil einsehen von szabo.   E-Mail senden an szabo.  
isn't it scizophrenic to claim church is not lnp?
davan Beitrag vom 15-12-03 01:34     Profil einsehen von davan.   E-Mail senden an davan.  
@Paul Baumann

I think it is not interesting what szabo said - its complete BULLSHIT - he should not be recognised anyway Baumann! setzen!
Aggie Beitrag vom 26-06-04 17:59     Profil einsehen von Aggie.   E-Mail senden an Aggie.  
Such a comment don't make me insecure as a christian ... I still belive in that "tortured man" ...

And as I understand NLP it's not in the mind of NLP to say this or that belief is wrong or so ...

AutorThema: perversion in der kriche

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