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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ keyword: "eye movement" ]
11974Direction of gaze and distribution of cerebral thought
21977An investigation of eye movements and representational
31979Trust as effected by representational system
41980The testing of a model for the representation of
51980Test of the eye movement hypothesis of Neurolinguistic
61981A study of eye movement patterns in the Neurolinguistic Programming
71981Rapport in the therapeutic relationship and its relationship to
81981A validation study of nonverbal eye pattern strategies related to language and therapeutic
91982Imagery and eye
101982Neurolinguistic Programming: method or myth?id:74
111982An investigation of eye accessing
121983The stability and impact of the primary representational system in Neurolinguistic Programming: a critical
131983EEG and representational
141983Determining the reliability of the NLP eye movement
151983Assessment of primary representational systems with neurolinguistic programming: Examination of preliminary
161983Representational systems and eye movements in an
171983Eye positions and associated mental activity as determined by sensory-based words
181984Test of the eye movement hypothesis of Neurolinguistic Programming: a rebuttal of
191984Neurolinguistic Programming as an interviewing technique with prelingually deaf
201985Eye movements and spelling errors: Neurolinguistic programming used and associated with the analysis of certain factual
211985Representational systems: an empirical approach to Neurolinguistic
221985An empirical evaluation of the neurolinguistic programming
231985Mental imagery as revealed by eye movements and spoken predicates: a test of Neurolinguistic
241985Hypothesized eye movements of Neurolinguistic Programming: a statistical
251985Neurolinguistic programming: a test of the eye movement
261986Test of the neurolinguistic programming hypothesis that eye movements relate to processing
271987An empirical test of basic assumptions of
281987Eye movement as an indicator of sensory components in
291987Image formation as related to visual fixation
301987An examination of the Neurolinguistic Programming hypothesis on eye movements in
311988An empirical test of theoretical constructs essential to
321988Comparison for aphasic and control subjects of eye movements hypothesized in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).id:36
331988Neurolinguistic programming - an interim
341988A study for development of a methodological process and the use of certified NLP practitioners in assessing the consistency of NLP programmers rating eye
351989A further empirical evaluation of neurolinguistic primary representational systems (PRS).id:94
361989Neurolinguistic Programming and hypnotic responding: an empirical
371991"Do the eyes have it?": A test of neurolinguistic programming's eye movement
381996Das Augenbewegungsmodell des NLP. Physiologische und kognitive
392003Eye-movements and ongoing task
402004Teaching learners to use mirroring: rapport lessons from neurolinguistic
412012The Direction of Deception: Neuro-Linguistic Programming as a Lie Detection
422012The Eyes Don't Have It: Lie Detection and Neuro-Linguistic

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