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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Malloy T, 1987. | Id:111 ]


Malloy T E, Mitchell C, Gordon O E: Training cognitive strategies underlying intelligent problem solving. Perceptual and Motor Skills 64: 1039-1046, 1987.

Abstract: Cognitive strategies underlying excellent performance of intelligent people in the Raven's Progressive Matrices Test were used to develop a teaching package. 24 subjects in a Cognitive Strategies group were trained using this teaching package. An Exposure group of 17 subjects were not trained but solved all the examples of the puzzles in the package. A Control group, with 13 subjects, received no intervention. Subjects were pre- and post-tested on matrix solving ability and were post-tested on a Piagetian multiplicative classification task. The Cognitive Strategies group showed the greatest improvement pre- to post-tested, followed by the exposure group and then the Control group. The Cognitive Strategies group was superior to both control on the Piagetian task, indicating a broad improvement in cognitive functioning.

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