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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Mercier M, 1984. | Id:115 ]


Mercier M A, Johnson M: Representational system predicate use and convergence in counseling: Gloria revisited. Journal of Counseling Psychology 31(2): 161-169, 1984.

Abstract: The transcripts of the film series, "Three Approaches to Psychotherapy" (Shostrom, 1966), were analyzed for counselor and client representational system predicate use. Satisfactory interrater reliabilities were demonstrated. The three therapy interviews were compared on this one aspect of Bandler and Grinder's (1979) Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). Although different patterns of predicate use emerged for the three types of psychotherapy represented in the study, only limited support for NLP theory was found. However, when each therapeutic dyad's use of language was studied from a transactional and sequential perspective, a pattern of mutual accomodation or convergence was found for each of the dyads. The findings of different patterns of predicate use were related to the concepts of convergence and concerted action. On file at Creative Growth Unlimited, 510 W. Union Street, Newark, NY 14513

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