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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Sharpley C, 1987. | Id:149 ]


Sharpley C F: Research findings on Neurolinguistic Programming: nonsupportive data or untestable theory? Journal of Counseling Psychology 34(1): 103-107, 1987.

Abstract: In an earlier review of the experimental literature on neurolinguistic programming (NLP), Sharpley (1984) drew the conclusion that the effectiveness of this therapy was yet to be demonstrated. In their comment on the review, Einspruch and Forman (1985) agreed with this conclusion but suggested that it was due to the presence of methodological errors in the research on NLP to date and that the efficiency of NLP was open to debate. Unfortunately, those suggestions were based on misconceptions regarding the factors that limit the methodological worth of research. Several of the detailed criticisms from the review are refuted here, and further data from seven recent studies further demonstrate that the research data does not support either the basic tenets of NLP or their application in counseling situations as presented. Implications from these findings for the use of NLP in counseling research or clinical practice are discussed.

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