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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Thomason D, 1984. | Id:160 ]


Thomason D D: Neurolinguistic Programming: an aid to increase counselor expertness. Dissertation Abstracts International 44(9), 2909-B Biola University (Pub = AAC8400860): 65, 1984.

Abstract: This study examined the Bandler and Grinder hypothesis that a counselor will be more expert in a shorter period of time if he knows the primary representational system of his client. The primary representational system is a concept of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) which holds that experience is organized by sensory systems --visual, auditory, and kinesthetic. One system is typically favored, thus becoming primary, and can be discovered by analyzing eye movement and speech predicates. Counselor expertness was measured using 56 male and female college subjects who were in short-term therapy with first-year graduate students in clinical psychology and marriage, family and child counseling. Levels of perceived expertness were assessed by an adaptation of the Counselor Effectiveness Scale (Ivey, 1971). The results showed that expertness was significantly increased in counselors who were trained in Neurolinguistic Programming, and that deficits in five areas of expertness relative to non-NLP trained counselors were remediated.

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