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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Botzum G, 1984. | Id:18 ]


Botzum G D: Therapeutic suggestion: the effects of metaphor on self-disclosure. Dissertation Abstracts International 45(11): 3612, 1984.

Abstract: This study was conducted in order to access the efficacy of therapeutic suggestion in regard to client behaviours. More specifically, it examined the effects of serial metaphor on subject willingness to self-disclose to a male counselor. Using a posttest-only control group design, undergraduate male college students were randomly assigned to either a treatment or control group. Treatment subjects listened to a 12-minute audiotape, consisting of a three-minute orientation lead-in and a nine-minute series of related metaphors. Metaphors were designed to psychologically suggest permissions to be willing to self-disclose to an appropriate target person, namely a male counselor. Control subjects heard only the three-minute lead-in. Subjects responded to a modified Jourard and Jaffee Questionnaire, containing items of high and low intimacy level value. Analysis of Variance and Covariance were performed. Although scores for the willingness to disclose to high intimacy items were observed to increase in the predicted direction, they did not differ from chance occurrence. Unequivocal support for a treatment effect could not be determined. Willingness to disclose was found to be significantly related to past disclosures. Also, degree of disclosures was significantly greater for low intimacy items. Recommendations for future research were presented.

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