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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ keyword: "clinical" ]
11979Preference for sensory modality of mental imagery and its relationship to stress reduction using a systematic desensitization
21980Neurolinguistic programming: Application to a clinical
31981The effect of verbal pacing on self-disclosure and trust of
41981Rapport in the therapeutic relationship and its relationship to
51981Neuro-linguistic programming, hypnosis, and interpersonal
61981The effect of matching primary representational system predicates on hypnotic
71982An investigation of the effectiveness of Neurolinguistic Programming procedures in treating snake
81983Matching of representational systems and interpersonal
91983Neurolinguistic Programming and psychosomatic illness: a study of the effects of reframing on headache
101983Neuro-linguistic programming and psychodrama: Theoretical and clinical
111983Neuro-Linguistic Programming and family
121983Supervisory conferences in communicative disorders: verbal and nonverbal interpersonal communication
131983Sensory reinforcement in the service of aggression maintenance in children: a treatment
141983Psychotherapists in independent practice: Some findings and
151983The language of
161983A comprehensive behavioral treatment for
171984Neurolinguistic Programming as an interviewing technique with prelingually deaf
181984The treatment of simple phobias with Neurolinguistic Programming
191984Neurolinguistic Programming: an aid to increase counselor
201984Implications of the Ericksonian and Neurolinguistic programming approaches for responsibility of therapeutic
211985An empirical evaluation of the neurolinguistic programming
221985"Primary representational system" and task performance: empirical assessment in prison and normal
231985NLP treatment for anxiety: magic or myth?id:101
241986A covert imagery intervention into test anxiety based on a chained-anchor model, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP).id:32
251986Generalization of visual dot pattern strategies to number pattern strategies by learning disabled
261986The effects of Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) on public speaking anxiety and
271987The effect of two audiotaped Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP) phobia treatments on public speaking
281987Visual-kinesthetic dissociation in treatment of victims of
291987Brief treatment for disturbing memory: a Neurolinguistic Programming submodality
301987The effects of the Neurolinguistic Programming model of reframing as therapy for
311987Research findings on Neurolinguistic Programming: nonsupportive data or untestable theory?id:149
321988Neurolinguistic Programming in the treatment of
331988Neurolinguistic programming - an interim
341988Anchoring as a treatment for simple
351988Treating phobias rapidly with Bandler's theatre
361989Neurolinguistic programming: The academic verdict so
371989A further empirical evaluation of neurolinguistic primary representational systems (PRS).id:94
381989Neurolinguistic Programming: an experimental test of the effectiveness of "leading" in hypnotic
391989Using rapid change techniques to improve sporting
401990The contribution and influence of neurolinguistic programming on analytical
411991"Do the eyes have it?": A test of neurolinguistic programming's eye movement
421991A plague on Little Hans and Little
431991A new technique for treating post-traumatic stress
441992The use of hypnosis in marriage and relationship
451992The first session in brief
461993Using an imaginary scrapbook for neurolinguistic programming in the aftermath of a clinical depression: a case
471993101 interventions in family
481994Neurolinguistic programming: Magic or myth?id:274
491995A simple hypnotically based NLP technique used with two clients in criminal justice
501995Asthma management: a qualitative research
511996An exploration of holistic and nontraditional healing methods including research in the use of neuro-linguistic programming in the adjunctive treatment of acute
521996Combining hypnosis and NLP in the treatment of telephone
531996Soundness of treatment: a survey of psychologists'
541997Adorning the clinched
551999Self-hypnosis and psychological interventions for symptoms attributed to Candida and food
562002Observations from Ground Zero at the World Trade Center in New York city, part II: Theoretical and clinical
572002Resolve: A new model of
582002Challenging the widespread assumption that connectionism and distributed representations go
592003Neurolinguistic programming: temperament and character
602003Neurolinguistic programming: verbal
612004Hypnotically-facilitated Intervention of Epileptic Seizures: A Case
622005Find some inner courage to beat your interview
632017A brief treatment for fear of

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