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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ keyword: "learning" ]
11985Neuro-linguistic programming: Enhancing teacher-student
21985Meeting language needs of all types of
31986Generalization of visual dot pattern strategies to number pattern strategies by learning disabled
41986Anchoring: A "cure" for
51989Neuro Linguistic Programming in peer counselor
61990Neurolinguistic Programming: equality as to distribution of learning
71991Neurolinguistic Programming: gender and the learning modalities create inequalities in learning: a proposal to reestablish equality and promote new levels of achievement in
81994Neurolinguistic programming: Magic or myth?id:274
91995Developing leadership from within: A descriptive study of the use of neurolinguistic programming practices in a course on
101996NLP - help or hype? Investigating the uses of neuro-linguistic programming in management learningid:320
111997The great aha! a path to
121999Learning with all one's senses. Neurolinguistic programming in the teaching of pediatric
132000Intuition: A social cognitive neuroscience
142001Neuro-linguistic Programming and learning
152002NLP in business - or more than a trip to the
162003Coaching - the latest buzzword or a truly effective management tool?id:328
172003Neuro-linguistic Programming and Learning Theory: a
182003Neuro-linguistic Programming: its potential for teaching and learning in higher
192003Neuro-linguistic programming and learning theory: a responseid:319
202003Zur Wirkung von NLP auf Leistung und Motivation von
212004Teaching learners to use mirroring: rapport lessons from neurolinguistic
222004Reframing as an Innovative Educational Technique: Turning a Perceived Inability into an
232005Learning to Learn with parents: lessons from two research
242005The significance of behavioural learning theory to the development of effective coaching
252005Mapping Transformative Learning: the potential of neuro-linguistic
262008The trouble with VAKid:362
272009Neuro-linguistic programming and learning: teacher case studies on the impact of NLP in
282009Following the action in action learning: towards ethnomethodological studies of (critical) action
292010Neuro-linguistic programming as an innovation in education and
302011Teacher Learning in a Context of Educational Change: Informal Learning Versus Systematically Supported
312012Training in influencing skills from neuro-linguistic programming (modelled from hypnosis and family therapy), in combination with innovative more collaborative maths pedagogy, raises maths attainment in adult numeracy
322012The Potential of Neuro-Linguistic Programming in Human Capital
332013Neuro-linguistic programming and altered states: encouraging preparation for learning in the classroom for students with special educational

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