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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Walter J, 2003. | Id:275 ]


Walter J, Bayat A: Neurolinguistic programming: verbal communication. Bmj. 326(7389): 83, 2003.

Abstract: Discusses concepts of neurolinguistic programming (NLP) which can aid in success regarding chosen goals. According to NLP, the idea of what is wanted needs to be framed in the correct way for the brain to properly process the information and enhance chances of a successful outcome. There are 5 steps to setting the perfect goal: be positive, be detailed, be realistic, set criteria for success, and be prepared to make personal sacrifices. Modeling in NLP terms is the process that brings about the behavioral patterns necessary for success. It is possible to model any human behavior if the person can master 3 aspects that make up the behavior: beliefs, physiology, and specific thought processes (strategies). It is argued that success is more likely if the person defines clearly what is wanted and takes the appropriate action to bring about the desired goal. The plan made at the beginning will need to be monitored and modified as necessary, maintaining flexibility and using all available resources. It is noted that these tips have clear implications in training and career progression, but can be applied throughout health services, particularly in helping patients take charge of their health. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2005 APA, all rights reserved).

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