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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Witt K, 2008. | Id:313 ]


Witt K: Neuro-Linguistic-Psychotherapy (NLPt) treatment can modulate the reaction in pollen allergic humans and their state of health. International Journal of Psychotherapy 12(1): 50-60, 2008.

Abstract: This article explores the effects of mental allergy therapy the Hildesheim Health Training which is based on NLPt. There are numerous evidence that points to a close association between psychosomatics and allergy. The strength of a allergy seems to be influenced by psychological factors. The reported experiment shows that NLPt is able to achieve feed-forward effects and positive changes to the immune function. In a randomised study was with help of psychological tests, a diary of medical consumption and ailments and skin prick tests as a read-out system examined, how NLPt like the Hildesheim Health Training influence the allergic immune function on birch pollen allergic humans

1. In comparison to the people of the control groups the participants of the NLPt-HHT-groups experienced highly significant improvement in all psychological-diagnostic- measurement.

2. The in vivo results demonstrated a significant difference between the treatment groups in both, symptoms and medicine consumption.

3. The force of the allergical reactions showed a drastically decrease during the following season of birchpollen. It seems possible to influence immune function like allergies and the (subjective covariate) state of health by NLPt.

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