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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Tosey P, 2003. | Id:319 ]


Tosey P, Mathison J: Neuro-linguistic programming and learning theory: a response Curriculum Journal 14(3) - Routledge: 371-388, 2003.

Abstract: In an earlier issue of this journal, Craft (2001) explored Neuro-linguistic Programming (NLP) in relation to a classification of learning theories. Craft also offered various observations on, and criticisms of, aspects of NLP such as its theoretical coherence, modelling, Dilts's 'logical levels' and possible dissonance of NLP's espousal of individuality in learning with its experiential emphasis.

This article offers a response to Craft's article. It describes the origins and nature of NLP, and explores its theoretical identity. NLP is portrayed here as based primarily on the cybernetic epistemology of Gregory Bateson (1972, 1979). The article offers a critique of many of the views put across in Craft's article, and builds on her attempt to position NLP theoretically.

The broad aims of this article are to offer an informed perspective on the nature of NLP; to extend the academic literature on NLP; and to develop debate about its relevance to the theory and practice of education.

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