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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Nancarrow C, 1996. | Id:324 ]


Nancarrow C, Moskvin A, Shankar A: Bridging the great divide - the transfer of techniques. Marketing Intelligence & Planning 14(6) - MCB UP Ltd: 27-37, 1996.

Abstract: Discusses ways in which qualitative techniques might be incorporated in quantitative research and quantitative techniques in qualitative research - a transfer of techniques. Explores the use of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and projective techniques in quantitative research. Reports the results of customizing a self-completion questionnaire to a respondentís preferred representational system (PRS). This application of NLP produced encouraging findings. Provides suggestions for further research. Describes an example of how NLP and projective techniques can benefit a quantitative study with a case study in which TRBIís BrandWorks was used. Suggests that, although the adoption by qualitative researchers of techniques used in quantitative research focuses on computer applications, the recent academic interest in the use of text analysers has not been matched by practitioners. Discusses issues related to quality, validity, transparency and value, and reports the findings of a survey of the largest qualitative marketing research suppliers. Finally, examines the use of correspondence analysis and describes ways in which correspondence analysis might benefit the qualitative researcher.

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