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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Sharman D, 1997. | Id:326 ]


Sharman D, Johnson A: Innovation in all things! Developing creativity in the workplace. Industrial and Commercial Training 29(3) - MCB UP Ltd: 85-87, 1997.

Abstract: States the need for all managers into the next millennium to innovate and respond in new ways. Sets out a way in which managers can act differently in order to create a creative climate within their work groups. Sets this practical approach in the context of research carried out by Goran Ekvall on the creative climate of groups. Describes a sequence of activities, discovered by the authors, that was effective in stimulating the group problem-solving climate and a technique for bringing back this atmosphere. Outlines this sequence, called “RAJiMAR” as the letters stand for the various stages of the group problem-solving process: Reversal-Absurdity-Jokes-incubation-Metaphor-Anchoring-Recall.

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