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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Daupert D, 1986. | Id:32 ]


Daupert D L: A covert imagery intervention into test anxiety based on a chained-anchor model, Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP). Dissertation Abstracts International 47(6): 2610, 1986.

Abstract: In recent years the test anxiety literature has shifted its emphasis from investigating characteristics of high- and low-test-anxious individuals to calling for new treatment approaches. Concurrently, the underlying construct of test anxiety has evolved from a focus on emotional reactivity towards a view of the importance of cognitive and attentional factors. The current study was designed to test an intervention based on the concepts from Neuro-Linguistic Programming. By the way of guiding subjects through a pre-planned sequence of imagined scenes, the experimentator hoped to elicit subjectís cognitive/attentional resources and organize them in a way that would counteract the debilitating effects of the test anxiety. - 155 Psychology students from Georgia State University were randomly assigned to either the treatment or Control Condition. All subjects were initially given the Test Anxiety Scale and the Creative Imagination Scale, which allowed for grouping of subjects based upon high- vs. low anxiety and high- vs. low imagery ability. - Both before and after the intervention, Treatment and Control subjects were given measures of worry/emotionality and reading performance, and asked to predict their own performance. Data were analyzed using the MANCOVA SPSS computer package. No overall treatment effect was demonstrated, and no statistically significant differences in reading performance were found. However, TREATMENT x IMAGERY and TREATMENT x IMAGERY x ANXIETY interaction effects were shown, and these effects were based on differences on the worry/emotionality and prediction measures.

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