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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Witkowski, Tomasz, 2006. | Id:363 ]


Witkowski, Tomasz: The theory and practice of NLP in the eyes of a social psychologist. NAUKA (Warszawa, Poland) 4: 55-71, 2006.

Abstract: The article presents the concept of neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) in the light of empirical research as well as selected aspects of the activity of NLP practitioners. The first part presents an analysis of 180 research studies devoted to NLP. The second part discusses the justifiability of psychologists using the concept in the light of their Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct. The third part of the article refers to ethical aspects of NLP practitioners. Finally, the author presents analogies between the social and economic structure of the NLP system and the operation of economic cults. An analysis of research has shown no convincing evidence for the NLP theoretical principles; moreover the author shows a disagreement of the NLP practice with the Code of Ethics and quotes a number of ethically questionable practices of NLP followers. A look at the way NLP functions in comparison with cults has revealed many similarities. Apart from offering a critique of NLP, the article poses a number of questions and points to more general dilemmas concerning relations between science, therapy and charlatanry.

Original: Teoria i praktyka NLP w oczach psychologa spolecznego. NAUKA (Warszawa, Poland) 4/2006: 55-71.

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