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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Wake L, 2009. | Id:404 ]


Wake L: A study of the relationship between the core belief structures of neurolinguistic psychotherapy and object relations theory Current Research in NLP 1: 50-66, 2009.

Abstract: This grounded theory study considers the core belief processes of neurolinguistic psychotherapy (NLPt). In reviewing the findings, these are then considered in the light of object relations theory. The study considers the neurolinguistic psychotherapist’s perception of beliefs and then compares the therapist’s experience with conceptual principles that are present in object relations theory.
The main conclusions of the study revealed that the attachment relationship and resistance was a recurring theme in the therapeutic experience; that NLPt provides the potential for working with affective states through the inherent outcome oriented nature of the therapy; that there is a potential relationship between neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) core belief structures and the object relations theory; and that the splitting process as it is described within object relations can be related to leading NLP theorist, Robert Dilts’ views on ‘hopelessness’, ‘helplessness’ and ‘worthlessness’.
Recommendations are made that include the management of resistance and teaching of attachment theoryin NLPt training.

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