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Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Research Data Base [ Bacon S, 1983. | Id:6 ]


Bacon S C: Neurolinguistic Programming and psychosomatic illness: a study of the effects of reframing on headache pain. Dissertation Abstracts International 44(7), 2233-B University of Montana (Pub = DA8326959): 110, 1983.

Abstract: This study compared the effects of reframing, a neurolinguistic programming technique, and relaxation therapy on headache pain. Through advertising, 32 subjects were recruited who suffered from a variety of nontraumatic headaches. They were randomly assigned to four experimental cells formed by the interaction of the two treatments and two therapists. Following four weeks of baseline headache monitoring, the subjects received three weeks of treatment and then continued to record headache data for a four week follow-up period. The results showed significant pre-post gains for both therapies but there were no differences between the treatments. However, there were significant differences in therapist's effectiveness. The literature of psychotherapeutic approaches to headache control is selectively reviewed and reframing is analyzed and compared to similar extant treatments. The results are discussed and a limited recommendation is offered for further research.

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