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British PM takes questions ahead of a vote of no confidence in her government

A humiliating Brexit defeat, but May will likely stagger on
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 12:49

What the front pages say: May's Brexit deal 'dead as a dodo'
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 12:31

After a crushing defeat of her Brexit deal on Tuesday, Britain's Prime Minister, Theresa May, woke up this morning to scathing front pages both in the UK and across the Channel.

A second day of gunfire and blasts after armed men attack hotel complex in Kenya
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 11:37

Gunshots and explosions rang out early Wednesday at the scene of a Kenyan hotel complex hours after it was attacked by armed men, leaving at least 11 people dead.

China will do 'whatever it takes' to defend Taiwan
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 06:48

Australia busts flight attendants accused of smuggling millions of dollars of heroin and meth
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 10:50

Cabin crew for international airline Malindo Air have been accused of helping to smuggle heroin and methamphetamine worth millions of dollars from Asia to Australian cities, as part of a multinational syndicate.

Good day for Putin as turmoil grips US and UK
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 12:53

The news just keeps on getting better for Vladimir Putin.

Killings of transgender people in the US saw another high year
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 11:54

For decades, every year she's been active in the transgender community, Isa Noyola has attended a funeral for a friend.

'Upskirting' to be criminalized in England and Wales
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 11:37

"Upskirting" -- the practice of filming up someone's clothing without their permission -- is on its way to becoming a crime in England and Wales after the House of Lords passed legislation that will see offenders face up to two years in jail.

US, UK hold rare joint drills in the South China Sea
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 09:34

The US and the UK finished six days of coordinated drills in the South China Sea on Wednesday, in a move likely to antagonize Beijing, which views a large swathe of the contested sea as its territory.

Women have already made history in the 2020 Democratic primary
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 12:03

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand's entry into the 2020 presidential race makes history.

Canadian's death sentence will backfire on Beijing
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 04:19

'Stay indoors': Australians warned over heat
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 10:52

Australia is sweltering under record-breaking temperatures as an extreme heat wave continues to sweep across the country, causing wildlife to die and fruit to cook from the inside out.

Secretive China tech founder gives rare interview praising Trump
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 10:06

The reclusive founder of Huawei has denied allegations that his telecoms company spies for the Chinese government.

2018 was the hottest year ever recorded for the planet's oceans
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 12:02

Last year was the hottest for the planet's oceans since global records began in 1958, according to an international team of scientists who track the data. Their findings were published Wednesday in the scientific journal Advances in Atmospheric Sciences.

'Sex coach' who offered to trade info on US election unexpectedly pleads guilty
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 06:39

The prostitution trial of a self-styled sex coach who claims to have insider knowledge of Moscow's attempts to meddle in the US elections got underway Tuesday in Thailand.

It took this separated family 246 days to reunite
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 02:01

The 12-year-old wore a pink Disney princess backpack that said, "We Can Do ANYTHING," as she hugged her mom for the first time in eight months.

Asian stock markets brush off UK government's Brexit defeat
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 10:18

The British government's Brexit plans are in tatters, but stock markets don't seem to care all that much.

Police sped past just one car on their way to Jayme Closs's home. She was in the trunk.
Di, 15. Januar 2019, 18:12

There were screams in the background of the 911 call, so three deputies with the Barron County Sheriff's Department rushed to the Closs family home just after midnight on October 15.

Aus Open: Anderson out, Federer wins
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 11:23

After engineering the first big upset of the Australian Open, Frances Tiafoe had a celebration to match.

Burger King mocks Trump's Twitter typo
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 03:17

CNN's Jeanne Moos decodes President Trump's typo in a tweet in which he declared he purchased a fast food buffet for Clemson University's football team.

New tool calculates breast cancer risk with greater precision
Di, 15. Januar 2019, 17:19

UK scientists have developed an online calculator that could enable doctors to more accurately predict a patient's chance of developing breast cancer.

How Brexit could ruin your summer vacation
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 10:38

It's prime time to start booking summer vacations, but for millions of people, the persistent threat of Britain crashing chaotically out of the European Union could transform their annual break into a misery of delays, cancellations and bureaucratic nightmares.

Tension in Australian men's tennis. Again
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 10:47

It's all kicking off in Australian men's tennis. Again.

'El Chapo' Guzman associate claims kingpin paid $100M bribe to former Mexican President
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 13:17

A former close personal aide to Joaquin "El Chapo" Guzman testified Tuesday that the drug kingpin once paid a $100 million bribe to former Mexican President Enrique Peņa Nieto.

Snap exodus continues: CFO out after less than a year
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 02:41

Snap is losing another high-profile executive. Chief Financial Officer Tim Stone told Snap on Tuesday that he was leaving the company, just eight months after moving to Snap from Amazon.

Michelle Obama's 'Becoming' has the longest run atop Amazon since 'Fifty Shades'
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 04:10

"Becoming" by Michelle Obama is not just one of the best-selling books of the past year ? it is one of the hottest titles of the decade.

Abby Wambach: 'I should have done more for equality'
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 09:21

Abby Wambach was once the world's greatest female footballer and during those giddying goal-scoring, title-winning years she felt grateful. She was appreciative of any recognition, any respect. She did not make demands, did not push for more. But then her playing days ended and the American's views changed.

Trump deletes tweet after geography gaffe
Di, 15. Januar 2019, 02:36

President Trump removed a tweet where he confused a speaking engagement in Louisiana with one in Tennessee, but he is not the first high-profile person to get their geography mixed up. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports.

What is behind the insane popularity of 'Baby Shark'?
Di, 15. Januar 2019, 21:55

When humans of the far future study the culture of their ancient ancestors from the year 2019, it's going to be pretty hard to avoid the topic of "Baby Shark."

Hit song from the '80s will play 'for eternity' in African desert
Di, 15. Januar 2019, 22:17

Toto's "Africa" has come home, so to speak, thanks to an installation by an artist who plans to play the song on loop in a Namibian desert -- for eternity.

Australia wants you to stop taking wombat selfies
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 03:17

Australia is home to some of the world's creepiest creatures (drop bears, anyone?), but it's also home to some of the cutest.

Meghan Markle gives surprise hint about baby
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 11:11

During a visit to the town of Birkenhead, England, the Duchess of Sussex told the crowd when she's due to give birth to her first child.

Most stunning 'Game of Thrones' locations
Di, 15. Januar 2019, 17:02

The striking scenery of HBO's "Game of Thrones" has inspired scores of travelers to retrace their favorite characters' journeys across The Seven Kingdoms.

The world's largest pilgrimage kicks off
Di, 15. Januar 2019, 12:12

Considered the world's largest gathering of humanity, the Kumbh Mela is a two-month-long mass Hindu pilgrimage during which up to 120 million attendees are expected to join.

Wellness tourism: A trillion-dollar industry
Di, 15. Januar 2019, 16:18

Once, a simple hangover breakfast might have sufficed for a reset on January 1, but not today: The world is moving lightning fast and keeping up doesn't generally include taking a moment to breathe.

Toyota brings back the Supra
Di, 15. Januar 2019, 01:49

Toyota is seeking to once again make a name for itself among drivers looking for more than just a safe and dependable way to get to work. Hearkening back to the days when its cars were also known for performance and excitement, the auto maker announced the return of its two-seat sports car, the Toyota Supra, at the Detroit Auto Show Monday.

British PM takes questions ahead of a vote of no confidence in her government
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 12:56

May likely to stagger on despite humiliating defeat
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 13:00

Just 24 hours after incurring a historic parliamentary defeat, British Prime Minister Theresa May faces another challenge to her premiership: A vote of no confidence in her government.

Brexit: What happens now?
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 10:09

Tuesday's vote in the UK's House of Commons was supposed to finally provide some clarity on Brexit. In reality, it told us very little -- beyond two uncomfortable truths.

Brexit deal rejected in record-breaking fashion
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 09:59

Prime Minister Theresa May's Brexit deal was royally rejected in record-breaking fashion: 432 votes to 202. CNN's Bianca Nobilo explains what's next for May and Brexit.

Corbyn rips May, demands no confidence vote
Di, 15. Januar 2019, 21:23

UK opposition leader Jeremy Corbyn called for a vote of no confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May's government following the defeat of her signature Brexit deal in the House of Commons.

Hero pilot surprises passengers he saved
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 02:47

Ten years after US Airways Flight 1549 was forced to make an emergency landing in the Hudson River, passengers on board the flight reunited to celebrate the past decade of life.

Death sentence will backfire on Beijing
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 05:29

What's behind Zimbabwe fuel protests?
Mi, 16. Januar 2019, 12:47

In the Fall of 2017, Zimbabweans took to the streets in mass protests against a regime that was presiding over a broken economy and collapsing living standards.

US shutdown threatens food safety
Di, 15. Januar 2019, 22:36

Should you be worried about the safety of your food during the government shutdown?

The simple -- but really difficult -- solution to stop climate change
Di, 15. Januar 2019, 18:51

There may actually be a way to keep the worst of climate change at bay, but it's going to take a herculean effort, according to a new study published Tuesday in the journal Nature Communications.

Fast food feast perfectly Trumpian
Di, 15. Januar 2019, 18:33

On Monday night, President Donald Trump hosted the Clemson University football team at the White House to celebrate the team's victory in the national college playoffs. Because of the government shutdown, Trump decided to pay, out of pocket, for a boatload worth of fast food to feed the players. And just before the team arrived, this photo was taken.

Fine dust and toxic smog are suffocating these Asian countries
Di, 15. Januar 2019, 09:47

Parts of Asia are chocking under a thick layer of smog, leading at least one country to experiment in extreme forms of weather modification in an attempt to clear the toxic brown skies.