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Bomb that killed 40 children in Yemen was supplied by the US
Sa, 18. August 2018, 02:35

With at least 324 dead, floods in Kerala the worst in nearly a century
Sa, 18. August 2018, 10:46

Angry families boycotting state funeral for Genoa bridge collapse victims
Sa, 18. August 2018, 11:00

Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan dead at age 80
Sa, 18. August 2018, 12:45

Former UN Secretary-General and Nobel Peace Prize winner Kofi Annan has died at age 80, a UN agency confirmed Saturday.

Tesla's stock falls after Musk's tearful interview

6 in 10 say Trump too friendly toward Russia
Fr, 17. August 2018, 21:08

Ex-CIA director: Trump is 'drunk on power'
Sa, 18. August 2018, 10:49

Former CIA Director John Brennan criticized President Donald Trump on Friday for revoking his security clearance and said the President is "drunk on power."

60 ex-CIA officials tell Trump 'the country will be weakened' over political litmus test
Sa, 18. August 2018, 01:36

Sixty former CIA officials warned President Donald Trump in a statement on Friday that "the country will be weakened if there is a political litmus test applied before seasoned experts are allowed to share their views."

Mom saves kids just before toy car fire
Sa, 18. August 2018, 03:43

A mother pulled her two young children to safety just before their toy electric car burst into flames.

Sea turns red with blood after whale hunt
Fr, 17. August 2018, 18:00

Serena learned sister's killer was free minutes before loss
Fr, 17. August 2018, 14:57

Indonesian police accused of killing dozens
Fr, 17. August 2018, 16:44

Police in Indonesia have killed dozens of low-level criminals ahead of hosting the 2018 Asian Games, Amnesty International alleged in a report Thursday.

Vatican: Sexual abuse accusations 'criminal'
Fr, 17. August 2018, 15:35

Sexual abuse, neglect rife in care homes
Sa, 18. August 2018, 02:17

Disadvantaged children and adults living in care homes in the Indian state of Bihar were subjected to sustained sexual, mental and physical abuse, according to newly released report that has caused national outcry and demands for reform. 

Manafort jury breaks for the weekend
Sa, 18. August 2018, 06:56

The jury in the trial of former Donald Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort will return to court Friday morning for its second day of deliberations.

US ends funding for stabilizing Syria
Fr, 17. August 2018, 22:20

The US will end funding for stabilization efforts in Syria in another sign of President Donald Trump's intent to pull out of the long-running conflict.

Imran Khan: Pakistan's Trump?
Sa, 18. August 2018, 08:32

Why some Jews are leaving the UK
Fr, 17. August 2018, 20:01

'This is America' cover banned in Nigeria
Fr, 10. August 2018, 18:55

A Nigerian radio station has been fined for broadcasting "vulgar lyrics" in Nigerian rapper Falz 'This is Nigeria' viral hit song.

See hospitalized girl's viral plea to Drake
Fr, 17. August 2018, 21:39

A 10-year-old girl awaiting heart surgery stepped out of her wheelchair and did the "KiKi challenge" to try and get Drake's attention.

Twisting skyscraper to become Australia's tallest building
Mi, 15. August 2018, 08:31

It took 4 years, 3 miscarriages and 1,616 shots to make this baby
Sa, 18. August 2018, 07:56

Mormons don't want you to call them Mormons anymore
Fr, 17. August 2018, 22:58

Flights to US are cheapest ever
Fr, 17. August 2018, 11:46

Gone are the days when flying across the Atlantic would routinely cost a small fortune.

Dubai's $2B mega mall
Mo, 13. August 2018, 06:07

How Ronaldo and celebrity culture have changed soccer fandom
Fr, 17. August 2018, 13:52

Sky Ouyang used to avidly follow Real Madrid. The 23-year-old would keep up to date with how the La Liga club was doing from his Shanghai home.

Bernadette Meyler: Why Manafort could hope for pardon
Fr, 17. August 2018, 23:58

Joshua A. Geltzer: Stop calling them 'Russian troll farms'
Sa, 18. August 2018, 05:54

Kerra Bolton: How Aretha's powerful sensuality paved the way
Sa, 18. August 2018, 00:20

Weapon used in school bus attack which killed 40 kids was made in US
Sa, 18. August 2018, 01:50

Her world ended when her kids were murdered. Raising orphans saved her life
Fr, 17. August 2018, 16:46

Phelps: 'I didn't want to be alive'
Fr, 17. August 2018, 10:53

It was in 2014, following a second drink driving charge and a six-month suspension from USA Swimming, that Michael Phelps started to talk.

Most liveable cities in 2018
Di, 14. August 2018, 10:47

Melbourne has finally lost the title of world's most liveable city after a seven-year reign.

Paris vs New York: Which city is the most stylish?
Do, 28. Juni 2018, 13:23

The fashion rivalry between Paris and New York is as old as time (or at least fashion week), and designers Humberto Leon and Carol Lim are watching the battle play out from both sides.

Trump's strategy is failing and the Taliban is winning
Fr, 17. August 2018, 11:24

Drones crack down on crime
Mi, 15. August 2018, 11:55

Sailing's reluctant feminist hero
Mi, 15. August 2018, 16:27

What next for football's 'weird' social media craze?
Sa, 18. August 2018, 09:11

A monkey using a laptop, a singing lion, a chess-playing goat, a footballer dressed as a wolf, plumes of white smoke from a restaurant chimney. Not forgetting the cryptic messages, Ikea-style pictorial instructions, magic tricks and Fortnite. Confused? Indeed.

Alonso, Toyota prepare for WEC Silverstone
Fr, 17. August 2018, 18:21

Toyota and Alonso prepare for the 6 Hours of Silverstone

Rising sport star not looking for fame
Mi, 15. August 2018, 10:47

Fernando Alonso announces he's leaving F1
Mi, 15. August 2018, 09:51

Formula One is to lose one of its bona fide stars after two-time world champion Fernando Alonso announced he will not race in the sport next year.

Felipe Massa energized by career change
Di, 14. August 2018, 10:41

He competed in 269 Formula One races, won 11 of them, and for a few seconds at the end of the 2008 season it looked like he was about to become world champion.

The next generation of motorcycles looks very different

10 of the best airline amenity kits

Google CEO to employees: We're 'not close' to launching search in China
Fr, 17. August 2018, 13:54

It'd take a UK worker 137 years to catch up to a CEO's annual pay

This tiny island is running out of space
Do, 9. August 2018, 11:05

Open-air urinals cause uproar in Paris
Di, 14. August 2018, 19:34

An attempt by officials in Paris to tackle public urination by installing open-air urinals, or "uritrottoirs," has outraged some residents of the French capital.

How to boost your chances of surviving a plane crash
Fr, 6. Februar 2015, 22:48

Survival and rescue stories from the deadly crash of TransAsia Airways Flight 235 in Taiwan are inspiring as well as intriguing. They raise the question: Why do some passengers survive plane crashes and others tragically don't?