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Join us at THE NLP Event IN GERMANY in 2023

Dr. Richard Bandler and John La Valle live in Germany

NLP is turning 50 and the time has finally come: Dr. Richard Bandler, the co-creator and creative genius behind NLP, and John La Valle will return to Germany in October 2023! October 5-8, Richard and John, will offer two unique workshops at the Alte Lokhalle in Mainz: a 3-day workshop "NLP Strategies for Success" and, for those who want even more, a 1-day Introduction to Design Human Engineering (DHE®).

Attending a live event with Richard Bandler is a unique experience. Watch the co-creator of NLP in action and experience how magically he applies the NLP tools to achieve rapid and profound changes. His charisma is palpable and no one else can teach NLP as skillfully and entertainingly as Richard. Every NLP enthusiast interested in personal development or strategies for success should take advantage of this unique opportunity to learn from him.
What to expect

Experience 3+1 days of NLP at its best

Be inspired by Dr. Richard Bandler and John La Valle live on stage
Find out how unconscious strategies can make you even more successful
Learn how to bring about change faster and more sustainably
Watch Richard perform transformative live demonstrations on stage
Learn how NLP has developed over the years
Get ready for a mesmerizing time and let's celebrate 50 years of NLP!
FOr the NLP Community

A Personal Video Message from Dr. Richard Bandler

THE 3-DAY NLP EVENT FROM October 6-8, 2023

NLP Strategies for Success

When Richard Bandler is asked what NLP is about, he often answers: "NLP is the study of successful behavior." In NLP, successful behavior is based on effective strategies - it is about making good decisions in both the big and small moments of life.

NLP Strategies for Success is one of the unique seminars in which Richard and John share their extraordinary insights and developments from 50 years of NLP. Discover how you can make your life even happier, more satisfying and more successful with the the right strategies. Watch them installing success strategies and experience personal transformations through live demonstrations on stage. It's a unique opportunity to learn from the legendary co-creater of NLP. Whether you want to benefit from success strategies yourself in your personal or professional life, or you want to learn how to facilitate change processes more easily, quickly and sustainably - this workshop is for you.

Join us as Richard initiate transfomative change processes, install success strategies, and demonstrate the possibilities of NLP. Of course, you can also expect numerous practical exercises led by experienced NLP Trainers, creating a great time with lots of fun  exciting individuals likeyourself who are interested in NLP and personal growth.
The exclusive Bonus Workshop on October 5, 2023

Introduction to Design Human Engineering®

NLP is based on the principle of replication, whereas Design Human Engineering® is founded on the principle of creation! For many years, Richard Bandler studied how geniuses use their minds and language to achieve exceptional results, and he succeeded in reproducing those results. However, that was not enough for Richard, so he developed DHE®. Design Human Engineering® does not ask how we can reproduce our best feelings; it begins with the assumption that what is already available to us falls far short of what we are capable of. Therefore, DHE® asks "What is the difference between the best feeling you have ever had and the best feeling your body is capable of producing?"

While NLP focuses on replicating successful behaviors to achieve one's goals, DHE® is about creating completely new strategies and skills to realize our potential fully. You will learn how to create your own strategies to achieve your goals, be even more successful in your life, and enjoy the process. Richard and John will teach you how to further sharpen your senses and perceptions, and how to use your internal processes to make even better decisions.

DHE® is the perfect addition to any NLP toolbox. If you are already familiar with NLP, you can use DHE® to further develop your skills and create new ones. Furthermore, no prior NLP knowledge is necessary to benefit from the unique possibilities that DHE® offers you. Let yourself be surprised by the abilities that are locked inside you, which you didn't even know existed!

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Experience Dr. Richard Bandler and John La Valle live in Mainz for the 3-day workshop "NLP Strategies for Success" on October 06-08, 2023 (Friday to Sunday). You'll have incredible opportunity to learn directly from Dr. Richard Bandler and gaining insights from his 50 years of NLP experience. The Basic Ticket (3 days) guarantees access to the full 3-day workshop, including all sessions, practical exercises, and live demonstrations.

If you want the full experience, we also offer the PRO Ticket (4 days), with an exclusive Q&A session with Richard (on October 7, 2023) and an additional full-day bonus workshop on October 05, 2023. The "Introduction to Design Human Engineering®" workshop will give you valuable knowledge and techniques to create new strategies and tap into your unrealized potential. This workshop will perfectly complement your NLP skills and allows you to further expand your abilities. By purchasing the PRO Ticket, you'll gain access to both the bonus workshop and the 3-day NLP Strategies for Success event. Secure your ticket now!
1470 €
3-Day Workshop (Oct 6-8, 23)
NLP Strategies for Success
Water, coffee, tea, and snacks
Drinks & snacks included
1970 €
3-Day Workshop (Oct 6-8, 23)
NLP Strategies for Success
1-Day Bonus Workshop (Oct 5, 23)
Introduction to DHE®
VIP Session on Oct 7, 23
Q&A Session with Richard
Water, coffee, tea, and snacks
Drinks & snacks included
Your Trainers

Dr. Richard Bandler & John La Valle

Dr. Richard Bandler

Co-creator of NLP
Dr. Richard Bandler is the co-creator and creative genius behind NLP. He developed this groundbreaking technology with John Grinder 50 years ago. He is the leading expert in the field and author of over 30 books. Richard has trained thousands of people around the world and is known for his unique training style. Richard knows how to engage participants and motivate them to reach their full potential. His workshops and trainings are lively and fun - and participants take home valuable life-changing skills. Over the past 50 years, Richard has continued to develop NLP and create even more effective methods that bring rapid and lasting change.

John La Valle

President of the Society of NLP™
John La Valle is a Master Trainer for NLP and DHE® and President of the Society of NLP™. He co-trained with Dr Richard Bandler for more than 30 years and is the one who originally brought NLP and DHE® to the business world. John has an impressive track record with Fortune 100 companies and specializes in sales, management and leadership. He has an entertaining and accessible training style that engages and inspires participants. John is one of the best NLP Master-Trainers in the world and understands how to turn complex problems into easy to understand solutions. He will give you useful exercises and offer more applications for the concepts Richard Bandler uses on stage.

Further questions..?

Who is the workshop designed for?
The workshops are great for NLP beginners, NLP advanced learners and NLP professionals. Everyone will benefit from the workshops in their own way. While beginners will directly experience the change processes and benefit from the initiated processes, practitioners, master practitioners, coaches and trainers will be dazzled by Richard's ability to create change on different levels. It is an event for everyone who is interested in change, success strategies and NLP!
What is the Event Schedule? When does registration start? (PRO ticket)
Registration for the PRO ticket will start at 8:30 AM on October 5, 2023. Please make sure to arrive no later than 9:15 AM, so that we can start the workshop on time. You will only need your ticket for on-site registration.
The workshop will run from 10:00 AM to approximately 6:00 PM each day. On Saturday (October 7, 2023) the Q&A session with Richard will take place in the early evening, which means that on this day the workshop will last a bit longer. On Sunday the seminar will end around 5:00 PM.
What is the Event Schedule? When does registration start? (BASIC ticket)
Registration for the BASIC ticket will start at 8:30 AM on October 6, 2023. Please make sure to arrive no later than 9:15 AM, so that we can start the workshop on time. You will only need your ticket for on-site registration.
The workshop will run from 10:00 AM to approximately 6:00 PM each day. On Sunday the seminar will end around 5:00 PM.
In which language will the workshops be held?
The two workshops will be held by Richard Bandler and John La Valle in English.
Are there contact persons on site for the exercises or if I have questions?
The event will be accompanied by an international team consisting of first-class NLP Master Trainers and NLP Trainers from the Society of NLP™, who will assist you during the event and exercises. The assistant trainer team will be international so that questions can be answered in English, German, Italian and French.
Where exactly will the event take place?
The event will take place in the beautiful "Alte Lokhalle" ( in Mainz, Germany. The location is in the heart of Germany and is only 39 km from the Frankfurt airport and 3 km from the Mainz main train station. The address is: Alte Lokhalle, Mombacher Str. 78-80, 55122 Mainz, Germany
Are there parking facilities on site? How do I get there by public transport?
The parking spaces at the Alte Lokhalle are on site and completely free of charge. The location is also very easy to reach by all public transport. You can find detailed information in the following PDF:üren/Alte_Lokhalle_Anfahrt.pdf
Do you have aNY hotel recommendationS?
There are various accommodation options in the vicinity of the location - from 5-star hotels to B&Bs. We recommend a quick search on or There are different options for every budget.
What happens if I register and can't attend?
Sometimes we are unable to attend an event due to illness or other unforseen events, for this reason we highly recommend that you get a ticket insurance, which - similar to travel cancellation insurance - covers certain events (such as illness). We recommend the seminar cancellation insurance of our partner HanseMerkur that can be book through the following link:
Please note, that the insurance will be booked directly with HanseMerkur. In case of a claim, the settlement will therefore also be done by the insurer. The insurance can be booked at the latest 30 days before the start of the event or - in the case of short-term bookings - up to a maximum of 3 working days after booking.
How can I book my ticket?
You can easily buy your Basic or PRO ticket by clicking on the yellow "Book your Ticket!" button of the selected ticket category. You will then be redirected to the booking page.
How can I pay for my ticket? And who is elopage?
To pay for your ticket, our payment service provider elopage offers various payment options. Our payment service provider only handles the payment for us (and may therefore also appear on your credit card statement or bank statement). However, we are your direct contractual partner, therefore you can always contact us directly if you have any questions. Of course, you will also receive an invoice by email after the payment has been completed.
How do I get my ticket?
You will receive your ticket by e-mail after booking and successful payment. If in doubt, please check your spam folder. Just bring your ticket to the event, either printed out or on your mobile phone. If you have any questions, please contact us at
I have further questions
Do you have any further questions? Feel free to contact our team. The quickest way to reach us is by email at We are looking forward to meeting you!
Your HostS

Dr. Olga Igel (M.D.) & Michael Wurst

We, the hosts and organizers of the NLP Event, are thrilled to present to you this once in a lifetime opportunity to learn NLP directly from one of its original co-creators, Dr. Richard Bandler. As NLP Master Trainers of the Society of NLP™, conducting NLP training for many years, it has always been important for us to learn from the best and stay up to date with the latest developments. That's why we travel to Orlando every year to assist Richard Bandler's in his own trainings and to exchange knowledge with the best international trainers. We believe that everyone, regardless of associations or certifications, should take the opportunity to see Richard live. We are excited that after almost 10 years, he is finally coming back to Germany to lead two not-to-be-missed workshops. We look forward to seeing you there!