The NLP Event in 2023 - hosted by
The NLP event in 2023 - hosted by

Thanks for being part of it!

Dear NLP Community,
we are very happy that so many of you attended the NLP seminar with Dr. Richard Bandler and John La Valle and that you enjoyed it so much. Thank you for the countless, amazing feedbacks! Indeed, for us, Olga Igel and Michael Wurst, this event was a dream come true. A big thank you goes to our team, who gave everything for the event over the course of the last months, the international assistant trainer team, who traveled from all over the world to support you in the exercises, and above all, of course, to Kathleen La Valle, John La Valle and Richard Bandler: Thanks for making all of this possible!
All the best, Olga & Michael
Richard Bandler and John La Valle in Germany

The EVENTMOVIE - Mainz 2023

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After the event is before the event...

What's next?

The NLP event with Dr. Richard Bandler and John La Valle was a great start for what you can expect in the future. True to the motto - after the event is before the event - we will organize further unique workshops, seminars and trainings for you. And that's not all: Our goal for is to create a platform for the German NLP community that offers you in-depth, exciting and comprehensive information to bring you to the next level, to keep you up to date and to enable you to discover more and more new aspects in the world of NLP. We will keep you up to date... stay tuned!
Who is behind

Dr. med. Olga Igel and Michael Wurst

NLP is our passion. Many years ago NLP "found us" and since then it inspires us day by day. We are Olga Igel and Michael Wurst, NLP Master Trainers from Germany, and we are looking forward to inspire you with exciting information and unique workshops and seminars on For those of you who don't know us yet, here is some information about us: As a medical doctor, Olga has a comprehensive neurological knowledge, so that she can not only teach the contents easily, but also knows why NLP works so effectively. Michael brings his diverse practical experience from 20 years of working with board members of international corporations and founders of startups, so that NLP becomes directly tangible. Our passion is to teach NLP in a simple and humorous way and at the same time to achieve fast and sustainable changes. It is important to us to present NLP at the state of the art, which is why we travel to the USA frequently to assist Richard Bandler and John La Valle in their trainings and to exchange ideas with the best international trainers. - the NLP Community is the platform for the German NLP community. In addition to exciting workshops, seminars and trainings, you can expect a lot of in-depth, informative and up-to-date information about NLP. Stay tuned!

echtesnlp - the training institute

For many years, echtesnlp has stood for authentic and well-founded NLP trainings according to the guidelines of the Society of NLP™. Olga and Michael, both licensed NLP Master Trainers, take you on an exciting journey into the world of NLP: from the NLP-Basic-Workshop, to the NLP-Practitioner-/Master-Training, to the certification as NLP-Coach.
NLP Basic Workshop (in German)

The first step into the world of NLP

Are you just starting your journey into the world of NLP? Or do you know someone who would like to learn more about NLP? Our NLP Basic Workshop gives you an exciting insight into what NLP has to offer and how NLP can be used to achieve your own goals in your private and professional life. It is not just an informational event, but you will be given tools and instruments that you can use for yourself.

For more information about the NLP Basic Workshop and the next dates, please visit:
Click here for the NLP Basic Workshop